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Digital StrategyThere are the things one doesn’t know, and the things one doesn’t know one doesn’t know. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered on both fronts.

Wouldn’t it be great to work with a firm who can actually lead your organization to get the most out of your digital investment—while also carefully listening to you and paying attention to your real challenges? A firm with a deep bag of technical tricks and expertise, but that is also concertedly focused on solving your grounded, real-world problems in a thoughtful way—and not just for the short term. In the digital space, for many clients, TBG is resoundingly that firm.

After more than two decades of developing websites—often on the leading edge of practical and theoretical developments and working with clients that face many complex challenges—TBG offers unbeatable perspective in a wide variety of markets, but that is not all.

Our deep multi-sector experience allows for excellent cross-pollination of techniques among industries and types of projects, and we bring a broad understanding of best practices and creativity to each engagement. Your challenges and opportunities benefit from our knowledge, but are always treated respectfully as uniquely worthy of an up-to-date reappraisal of what is possible. 

More to Web Strategy than the Homepage

More to Web Strategy than the Homepage

Many digital agencies have a rather limited view of web strategy, focusing on user experience over content, positioning over conversions, or features over sustainability. At TBG, we know that serious websites demand serious thinking—and that many considerations and difficult decisions need to align to get that winning result.

Our web strategy work includes penetrating analysis of business and market challenges, audience segmentation, creative content strategy, novel approaches to positioning, plans for content re-usage, creative use of metadata, content personalization, multi-channel digital tactics, multi-year digital development roadmaps, staffing plans, recommendations for next-level user experience, customer engagement plans, and many other elements.

It’s the careful balance and integration of all of these elements—and the substance of the organization and its users’ needs—that make for great digital properties and websites.

A Round Trip Perspective

A Round Trip Perspective

We’ve launched hundreds of significant sites in complex corporate and nonprofit environments, and paid close attention to the results. Our work in web strategy is not just focused on the public response, but also includes strong insights into the technology, content generation, and broader multi-channel digital marketing environments. Some firms know marketing and conversions; others large site user experience; yet others, digital marketing integration, audience segmentation and analytics. TBG is the rare firm that can meaningfully bridge the gap between all of these worlds with holistic recommendations that tie all of the pieces together.

Making Sense to Both the C-Suite and to Site Managers

Making Sense to Both the C-Suite and to Site Managers

We speak everyone on the team’s language—and we mean what we say. A lot of agency ideas sound good in presentation but die in execution (or are only the focus of the project when the decision-makers are in the room). We are not like that—not at all.

Our recommendations are tuned to our clients’ real needs and operational realities in areas around upkeep, content production, and necessary automation. Where we see opportunities that require changes in operations, we speak up, but we always give the context of what particular strategies will take to execute and sustain. You don’t have to choose between effective, leading strategies and having a sane job for the people who manage your digital properties.

Something You Can’t Get Elsewhere

Something You Can’t Get Elsewhere

Although TBG excels in the classic issues of web strategy in many different markets, we are far more than that. As thought leaders in the digital space, we recommend grounded strategies that are ahead of the curve, allowing you to get a leg up over your competitors and your operational challenges. Don’t expect just a high standard; expect the possibility of real innovation and competitive advantage.

In areas like content strategy, content personalization, rich HTML 5 front-ends, social integration, CRM integration, mobile experience, and federated content strategies, TBG sees opportunities and recommends strategies that other firms would miss. We are restless in finding the next idea that will strengthen our clients and address their challenges. Far from a rehash, our strategy work captures the emerging digital opportunities, before they become standard.

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