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about us

about us

aN unparalleled reputation

The WEBBY award-winning Berndt Group is one of the oldest and best respected Web design, development and interactive brand communications firms in the Baltimore/Washington area. The firm began developing web sites with the introduction of the first graphic Web browser in 1993, and has consistently worked on high-visibility web sites since that time, producing over 400 significant projects and typically retaining 95% of its clients from the previous five years. The firm currently has 30 full-time employees, is located in central Baltimore, and has approximately 60 active clients.

Its focus, simply put, is on finding the most grounded, effective, and inspired solutions to problems of Web content and brand delivery.

FIRM Expertise

Since its inception, the firm has combined consulting, design and technical expertise to provide the maximum benefit to its clients. The firm has extremely broad in-house capabilities, with specializations in the following areas:


Unusual by any standard, the firm has been an island of stability, ethics, and slow, careful growth in an industry unfortunately characterized by quick turnover, incomplete projects, and general craziness. Consistently winning national awards, retaining both clients and employees, and innovating in its field, The Berndt Group (TBG) sets a high standard for grounded, thorough, alert development practices. A close-knit group of seasoned Web professionals, TBG's popularity with its clients comes both from its wealth of knowledge and its careful "quality over quantity" approach to new business development. At the end of the day, the chance to solve real-world problems in a lasting way drives us—and makes our work enjoyable. Our credo, "Always Thinking," expresses the restless intelligence and drive that characterizes the firm.

Industry experience

The Berndt Group does not operate on a vertical market basis, but rather to consider the full range of appropriately scoped and budgeted projects. We feel that a range of types of projects we do keeps our work fresh, as well as providing a great cross-pollination of solutions from different market segments.

There are a number of areas where The Berndt Group's experience has concentrated, and by extension where we have a high level of industry experience:

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