TBG CEO & Valtech VP Launch Consortium of Personalization Professionals (CPP)

Inaugural Session of CPP Convened in Boston

January 9, 2018, Baltimore, MD

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TBG (The Berndt Group), a national digital agency and Sitecore Gold partner headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, announced that it has partnered with Valtech, a global digital agency focused on business transformation, to launch The Consortium of Personalization Professionals (CPP). The Consortium of Personalization Professionals (CPP) is an innovative group of expert practitioners and consultants. CPP met in September in Boston, MA at the Cambridge Innovation Center for its inaugural meeting, coming together to extend the reach of personalization practice, codify learnings from real-world personalization activities, develop vocabulary and methodologies for this new area of digital practice, and promote thoughtful discourse about personalization in digital media. 

Founders Amanda Shiga, VP of Marketing Science at Valtech, and John Berndt, TBG’s CEO and personalization theorist, spent a half a year researching and finding the members that would form the initial brain-trust of the group. In addition to Berndt and Shiga, other distinguished members included Kevin Nichols (Avenue CX), Collin Eagean (ICF Olson), Randy Woods (Valtech), Mara Low (TBG), and Jeff MacIntyre (Bucket Studio). In a rousing day of sessions, topics of discussion and presentations ranged from assessing organizational Personalization Readiness, to organizing the successful personalization initiatives in fortune 500 companies, to ideas about profiling constructions that could make life-term personalization possible and practical. It was a tremendous kick-off to the group, which is intended to bring together the perspectives of advanced practitioners to create something larger.

Shiga and Berndt began planning the group after jointly speaking on personalization on a panel together at The Gilbane Conference in Boston in 2015, after leading their respective personalization practices within their firms for more than five years. Aware of the relative isolation of advanced practitioners today, they formed the group to create a hotbed of thought which could advance the state of practice. The invitation-only group is expected to grow and meet multiple times a year and plans a variety of publishing and experimental projects—not only advancing perspectives and practices of the individuals involved, but also to create new techniques and normal of practice.

"Personalization is one of most desired and most complex techniques faced by digital practitioners. We're excited to push the discussion to the next level," said Amanda Shiga, VP of Marketing Science at Valtech. John Berndt, CEO of TBG added, “It is a tremendous opportunity for practitioners who are attacking this problem from different angles to share their experience and cross-pollinate a rich discussion. And this is desperately needed in the field.”

Today, personalization is a crucial technique, highly desired for its ability to provide superior brand experience and conversions, but relatively difficult to get right and sustain. Digital teams face multiple uphill battles to strategize, staff, and execute on long-term personalization initiatives. With platform vendors promoting an overly rosy view of practice, based on no experience, the need to for a grounded group to explore the realities of practice couldn’t be stronger. The CPP intends to play a major role in that discussion going forward. 

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