TBG Launches State-of-the-Art Website for Citadel Federal Credit Union

New Site Builds on TBG’s Best Practices Work in Financial Services

June 20, 2017, Baltimore, MD

woman smiling and Citadel bank logoTBG (The Berndt Group), a national digital agency and Sitecore Gold partner headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is proud to announce the launch of Citadel Federal Credit Union’s new website, www.citadelbanking.com. This site builds on TBG’s 15+ years of work in the commercial financial sector, including major work for M&T Bank, Provident Bank, Mercantile Bankshares Corporation, and many others.

Citadel Federal Credit Union is one of the largest credit unions in Pennsylvania and is headquartered in Exton, Chester County. With more than $2.8 billion in assets and 200,000 customers, Citadel provides personal, home and auto loans, certificates, credit and debit cards, reward checking accounts, and online banking services. Citadel sought to redesign its website and platform onto Sitecore CMS, moving to a more user-centric design, restructuring and amplifying content experience, enabling user choice to empower users, and improving the brand impression in Responsive views.

Partnering with Citadel, TBG designed and implemented the experience in Sitecore 8.1 with the goals of creating a stable, well-engineered platform for publishing a variety of content as well as being able to change content quickly, relate content to increase site usability, track analytics and user behavior, personalize the experience, and ultimately, to create a more sustainable digital ecosystem. Citadel and TBG focused on making the user experience simple, convenient, and interactive. Another focal point was adding informative, relevant financial literacy content based on life milestones such as a first job, getting married, starting a family, and retirement. Additional notable features include product compare tools and a branch locator. TBG and Citadel look forward to continuing to partner on site enhancements and advanced features including personalization and engagement automation.

“We are thrilled to have launched the new Citadelbanking.com with the industry-leading Sitecore platform and the unsurpassed expertise of TBG,” said Mike Schnably, Senior Vice President, Citadel. “This site gives our current and prospective customers an optimal digital experience, and we are excited for how it makes banking with Citadel even more convenient and beneficial.”

“The new Citadelbanking.com is a stunning consumer financial site,” said TBG’s CEO John Berndt. “The project was realized with an extremely forward-thinking approach from both Citadel and TBG—trying to hit the highest level of contemporary user experience, design, and site implementation. We also focused on getting the full value out of the Sitecore platform and to treat the site as an integrated part of a larger digital ecosystem of interactions. We are proud of this amazing site launch that represents a super effort from both the TBG and Citadel teams!”

About TBG

TBG (The Berndt Group) is an award-winning, national digital agency focused on meaningful digital transformations that combine leading user experience, implementation of platforms and automation, improved digital operations, and the adoption of best practices around personalization and user engagement. We are a leading Sitecore Gold partner, with 10+ years of experience developing major digital ecosystems on Sitecore. Our well-known clients span a wide range of sectors, with a high concentration in healthcare, financial services, and direct-to-consumer markets.

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